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Rebecca Jessica Merritt was born in Switzerland, but raised in Midwest America by a British Mum and an American Father. She has lived in the North, South, East and West of the U.S. and can do a wide array of accents and voices.

Rebecca worked as a professional stage actress (mainly Shakespearian) for a number of years and has been in commercials, movies and print ads. She spent many years as a Montessori and kids yoga teacher and currently teaches theatre workshops to young kids with Faust International and other companies and has started working as a performer and drama teacher for World Family English. She was last seen acting for a major private corporate event in Hong Kong in December 2017. Rebecca performed the role of Scarlett O'Hara in the last scene of Gone with the Wind and as Ilsa in the last scene of Casablanca.

Based out of Hong Kong for the past six years, she works mainly from her home studio but is able and willing to travel. She can be heard as the voice of Vilin in Star Citizen Quantum Paradox, Episode 2.

Voice Over artist
Character Actor
Theatre Performer

+852 5927 6777

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