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Having trained on the prestigious MFA Voice Studies course at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Laura provides bespoke singing and spoken voice lessons for groups and individuals.  

Previously based in London and then Hong Kong, Laura is now living and working in Dubai. She is available for both online and in-person lessons.


Please get in touch if you would like more information.

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Laura prides herself in being an intuitive, enthusiastic teacher. Her lessons have been described as 'energetic' - but don't let that put you off! This is merely referring to the fact that the voice is a part of the whole body, and therefore the whole body must be just as ready and energised as your larynx. 

Vocal anatomy and the physiology of how it all works underpins Laura's teaching. She will happily impart this knowledge if the student finds it helpful, however she is aware that for some people the science may put them off (Sternocleidomastoids?? You must be kidding!) This means that every exercise, however imagery-based or technical, will have deep foundations in scientific fact, and will be tailored to the individual at that moment. 

Laura's lessons and workshops can cover:

  • Articulation

  • Resonance / Projection

  • Text work

  • Breath work

  • Vocal health advice

  • Technical singing

  • Character voicing

  • Accent 'reduction' (for those wishing to gain a more 'neutralised' English sound)

  • and much more...



"I searched high and low in Hong Kong for a voice teacher for my 12 yr old daughter.  I was looking for someone who was conscious of protecting and nurturing her young voice more than anything as this is just so important for children.   In Laura, not only did I find an experienced and voice-safety aware professional, but an enthusiastic, warm, caring and engaging instructor who has now been teaching my daughter for the past several months. In this time, my daughter has flourished in confidence and her voice has gained maturity through careful guidance from Laura. 

Laura is a highly committed teacher totally in tune with her individual students’ needs and she brings a fun and professional approach to those she works with.  After seeing my daughter’s progress and enjoyment, I have recently begun having instruction with her as well and she has helped me find my own singing voice.


Laura brings freshness, energy, creativity, freedom, knowledge and a special connection with her students.  Her dedication and passion to her art is inspiring."

Anne Simpson


"Laura’s lessons are highly effective and she skilfully helps her students reach their potential. The lessons are well planned, the activities carefully selected and clearly explained, and, most importantly, learning is fun! Laura knows well how to approach children and make them relaxed and co-operative. Not only is she highly professional, but also exceptionally talented herself. My 9-year-old daughter absolutely loves her lessons!"

Kasia Martin


"My singing lesson with Laura is something I really look forward to each week! It’s great to find a vocal coach who can teach great technique, hone your performance skills and have fun at the same time. Due to Laura’s help and guidance I recently secured a job at Hong Kong Disneyland as a full time lead vocalist. Highly recommend!"

Rachel Capp, Performer


"I started lessons in May 2015 after a pretty eventful 3 years at uni where my voice had taken quite a battering. Initially, I started intending to get back a bit of confidence to help me audition for am-dram shows but within a couple of months we were already working on my belting technique and utilising a speech quality to my voice rather than my usual go-to soprano. The quality of my voice is now stronger, my chest range is higher and I have come away with some excellent repertoire pieces.  The lessons themselves taught me not just singing but also breathing, posture and general tension relief which I can use in many different situations. As somebody who often gets frustrated when my voice lets me down, or if I struggle to pick up a certain technique, I always felt comfortable and at ease with Laura ... and over 15 months no frustrated tears were shed! Also as a self-professed 'voice geek' she managed to make learning about the technicalities of your voice interesting and understandable. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to practice/learn singing."

Shauna Gavaghan


"I worked with Laura over seven months, in preparation for Whole Hog Theatre’s adaptation of the Studio Ghibli classic Princess Mononoke. The company strives to “stage the un-stageable”, which requested a lot from the actors of the piece. Laura led the cast, myself included, through a series of carefully selected warm up and vocal exercises, to allow our voices to not only be ready for the stage, but also ensure protection to our vocal equipment – an essential component to any actor. These exercises were layered in a simple yet refreshingly non-patronising way. Laura’s understanding and friendly demeanour allowed us to also be open and at ease when performing the exercises – it’s not easy to make an actor feel at ease when making a variety of strange and wonderful noises to warm up. The performance itself was performed over three months, to varying audience capacities (from sixty to eight hundred), which Laura catered for respectively, teaching and instilling in us an awareness of vocal equipment to cater for the varying auditoriums. She took on a unique, challenging role with Whole Hog Theatre, and did humbly and professionally. An absolute delight to work with, I hope I get the chance to again."

Elizabeth Mary Williams, Actor


"Laura is a wonderful vocal coach! She helped me, having soprano/mezzo soprano voice, discover how to control my voice in lower pitch. I was able to find various new songs for my repertoire. It is extremely encouraging to experience those possibilities for my career. Also, for me being an international singer/performer, she taught me precisely how to sing in British accent. It expanded my expression abilities as an artist. It is very helpful to polish vocal technique and relearn basics of singing as well in her session. Laura definitely helped my professional career."

Yuriko Miyake, International Actor and Singer


"An excellent, thoroughly helpful and fun tuition. Laura is a great teacher; she has a way of making complicated technique seem simple and easy to grasp. I felt that the tuition style and techniques taught got the absolute best out in my voice. After a few short lessons, I was a vastly improved singer, little tips and tricks were really helpful and my weaknesses were always effectively targeted, my strengths encouraged and further improved. Patience, firm advice and a really easy manner of teaching all encouraged and nurtured my voice. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and the feeling that one has improved immeasurably through such a short space of time is so encouraging."

Alexandra Rutter, Company Director, Whole Hog Theatre


"I took lessons with Laura last year after a considerable break from singing. I had previously achieved my Grade 8 but through lack of practice had found my voice was pretty weak. Laura helped me bring it back to my previous standard through range of great exercises and breathing techniques I had never come across before. She is an incredibly patient and articulate teacher and is highly recommended for any level."

Claire Furner


"Laura taught singing to my son Zak for 6 months. Zak is on the autistic spectrum, with associated dyslexia and dyspraxia. School can be a stressful and painful place for him and he would find his lessons with Laura calming and relaxing. She used the music with him to calm him down and to help him find words to express his emotions. She was always very loving and calm with him and flexible in her approach. She managed to keep him focused for long periods and allowed breaks when necessary. Her own musical gifts and highly skilled playing helped support Zak to perform some songs that he was proud of. It was clear to me that Laura has the right instincts to work with children who are struggling.  I always totally trusted her and her lessons were fun and therapeutic. I can recommend her without hesitation."

Sarah Mook

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Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (2014-16): Voice Studies MFA 


University of Warwick (2008-11): 2.1 BA (Hons) in Theatre and Performance Studies





Voice and Public Speaking Coach (2016 - present)

  • Voice Over coaching

  • Theatre Voice coaching (including The Gruffalo, ABA Productions, 2021)

  • Voice for Business

Singing and Spoken Voice Teacher (Jan 2013 – present)

  • Teaching one to one lessons, group lessons, and choirs, for both adults and children

  • In the UK (2013 - 2016), in Hong Kong (2016 - 2021), and in Dubai (2022 - present)

  • Age range: 11 - adults


Performer, Hong Kong (2018 - present)


Senior Spoken Voice and Singing Teacher, CentreStage Studios HK (Nov 2016 - June 2017)

  • Taught ages 3-18

  • Covered all aspects of Voice and Singing work (group and solo), as well as Drama, Public Speaking, and LAMDA exam preparation


Voice Coach and Workshop Leader, City Academy, UK (July - August 2016)

  • Led workshops for short courses: Voice for Business; Presentation Skills; Public Speaking


Voice and Speech Teacher, Arts Educational Schools London, UK (Sept 2015 - August 2016)

  • The Spoken Voice teacher for the First and Third year Musical Theatre students


Singing Teacher / Spoken Voice Teacher, UK

  • CPA Studios (Sept - Dec 2015), on the 3 year Musical Theatre diploma course 

  • Italia Conti Arts Centre Ltd (May 2015), students aged 8-23 

  • Performance Preparation Academy (April-July 2015), on the 3 year Musical Theatre BA course

  • Oxford School of Drama (Jan-March 2015), on the Drama Foundation course

  • Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (Jan-March 2015), on the 3 year Puppetry BA

Previous industry work:

  • Voice Coach, Folio Theatre ‘Unearthed’ (May 2015)

  • Actor, 'The Adventures of Stamp Girl', Burnley Youth Theatre (Oct – Nov 2013)

  • Volunteer and Workshop Leader, Urban Sprawl, Leeds (Sept – Dec 2013)

  • Volunteer and Workshop Leader, Adult Connect, Burnley Youth Theatre (Sept – Dec 2013)

  • Guest Workshop Leader, Oxford Playhouse (March 2013)

  • Director of Kellogg College Show Choir, Oxford (Feb – July 2013)


Voice Coach, Whole Hog Theatre, Leamington Spa (August 2012 – July 2013)

  • Whole Hog Theatre’s adaptation of Princess Mononoke, based on the anime film by Hayao Miyazaki

  • Led workshops on breathing and vocal techniques, in order to sustain and take care of the actors’ voices, some of which were used to make ethereal noises and to personify giant animal-spirit puppets

  • Gave group and one-on-one singing lessons

  • Point of contact for one-on-one vocal lessons and advice


o   Acoustics – 2015

o   Tongue Taming – 2015

o   Breathing, Support & Estill – 2015

o   Estill for Actors & Voice Teachers – 2015

o   Advanced Belting – 2015

o   Singing in an Accent – 2014

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